The past few years have been very exciting for CACs in North Carolina. Accredited CAC’s have continued to grow since 2004, and currently total 30 across the state. As the number of children served has increased the NC General Assembly has noted the unique service that CAC’s provide for children and for their community partners, social services, law enforcment agencies, prosecutors, medical providers and mental health providers. The NC General Assembly has enacted legislation to fund accreidted Childrens Advocacy Centers since 2004.

In 2004, the NC General Assembly appropriated the sum of $375,000, for 15 Accredited CAC’s located across North Carolina. Since the inception of this funding the amount dedicated to Children’s Advocacy Centers has not increased although the number of accredited centers has grown to 30.

Suggestion: Use the General Assembly website as your homepage during session in order to keep up to date on pertinent information.

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