Thursday, 4/27

8:30a-10:00a: "G" Workshops - Choose 1

  • G1. Choose Happiness at Work; Pier House

    BROOKLYN DICENT, M.ED; Chief Happiness Officer, The Happiness Consulting Company

    During this highly interactive and game-based workshop, participants will learn how to apply science-based happiness insights at work. The experience will aid in giving participants real world application on how to boost creativity, productivity, and happiness at work. The insights are also easily applied to everyday life.

  • G2. Trauma Led Leadership; Katharine Ballroom

    PETE ACOSTA, BS; Chief, Morrisville Police Department

    When emotional responses are triggered in the workplace, each person responds according to the extent of their emotional scars, traumas and emotional strengths. In Trauma Led Leadership, we will discuss how our childhood trauma, adult trauma and secondary trauma involving our careers can directly affect how we lead our teams.

  • G3. How MDTs Can Systematically Approach Problematic Sexual Behavior; Orville Ballroom

    GEOFF SIDOLI, MSW, LCSW; Executive Director, Mountain CAC

    Multidisciplinary Teams (MDT) have long been utilized to form strategies for the sexual abuse of children by adults, but studies show that between 25%-40% of alleged child sexual abuse cases referred to CACs are initiated by a child. MDTs often find themselves in a unique position to determine and guide services for youth with problematic sexual behavior but are often inadequately prepared to determine their heterogeneous developmental and contextual needs. The focus of this training will be to examine how MDTs can provide the systemic needs of this population and how they can form best practices for youth with problematic sexual behavior by developing policies and procedures that are empirically supported and informed.

  • G4. Legal Updates for MDTs; Wilbur Ballroom

    WHITNEY BELICH, JD; Child Abuse Resource Prosecutor, NC Conference of District Attorneys

    This presentation will focus on new case law, new statutes, and other legal “hot topics” in the world of criminal child maltreatment.

10:15a-11:45a: "H" Workshop - Closing Plenary

  • H1. The Future of Work: Why Happiness at Work Matters Now More Than Ever! Wright Ballroom

    BROOKLYN DICENT, M.ED; Chief Happiness Officer, The Happiness Consulting Company

    During this highly interactive and fun keynote, Brooklyn Dicent, M.Ed. Chief Happiness Officer will share science-based insights on how to be happier at work. You will learn the tools to live happier and how it's the primary driver for resilience, mental health, and thriving during this extended pandemic state. Discover the best way to experience more fun throughout your day to increase productivity and creativity.

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